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Versatile Technology Contributing to Various Fields

Various product groups play an active role in industry, society and everyday life. These are the results of the diverse electronics technology provided by Mansei making use of its capability to collect information, plan in close compliance with market needs, and use its comprehensive technical strength. Mansei is proud of the application of its high-grade technology in various fields.

Electronic Devices & Multimedia

Electronic Devices & MultimediaMansei receives a high reputation from users as a company offering consistent support from system development to maintenance, in addition to the sales of video and information machines.

It is expected that the construction of information system focusing on multimedia will advance rapidly in the future, promising many opportunities.


SemiconductorsBy providing high quality semiconductors. Mansei is making a vigorous effort to meet market needs.
Our product lineup covers all areas of high-density memory, one-chip micro computers, gate arrays, ASICs, etc.
Along with this line-up, technical power and manpower are reinforced by the development of relevant systems and software.

Electronic Technology

1. PC Software

1. PC SoftwareCurrently, it is no exaggeration to say that nearly 100% of electrical products for home and offices take great benefits of micro computers. they are so essential in our life, play a necessary part of everyday life.
The MANSEI CORPORATION makes proposals that take advantage of Mitsubishi-made microcomputers and IC peripherals for basic design, development and custom software design and development over a wide area.

2. Computer Software

At present, computers are essential item in general offices.
Additionally, software such as EXCEL, WORD and ACCESS are used around the world.
The MANSEI CORPORATION provides products in various fields combining such software through development of automatic executing programs to meet the needs of customers, proposals for appropriate system design and development.

Examples of Development Performance

  1. 1. Microcomputer Software for:
    • PC internal battery control
    • VTR, Air Conditioner, Automatic Door Control
    • Radio controlled models
    • Station-use transceiver control
    • Office-use air-cleaning equipment control
    • Residential-use alarm, various control mechanisms
    • Electric rice cooker, pot, and microwave
    • Farm equipment (tractor etc.) control
    • Others
  2. 2. Computer Software
    • Corporate-wide WAN, internal LAN, system construction
    • Various intranet systems
    • Corporate-wide email system construction
    • Equipment control system
    • Inventory control system
    • Processing control system
    • Sales control system
    • Production control system
    • Others


ComputersIn order to cope with these diverse needs, Mansei employs a multi vendor system, and makes use of the functionality of the integrated work station to build up an information system for the next generation.

Factory Automation Systems

Factory Automation SystemsDue to quickly reading the current trends, Mansei has launched its efforts in factory automation and openness, irrespective of the type or form of business.  Mansei offers computers for FA, flexible production systems (FMS), related control units, CAD/CAM systems NC, robots for industrial use, etc., and various total systems, contributing to the improvement of efficiency in production, labor and energy saving.
Mansei is determined to provide a wide range of systems to ensure high productivity.

Examples of Orders for Systems Received by Mansei

  1. 1. Measurement Surveillance Control Systems
    1. 1. Comprehensive power and air-condition control system in semiconductor factory
    2. 2. Track incoming control system in sewage treatment plant
    3. 3. Power logger system in chemical plant
    4. 4. Production control system in metal plating line
    5. 5. Thickness measuring system for metal plates
    6. 6. NC operation control and preventive maintenance systems
  2. 2. Production Line Control Systems
    1. 1. Raw materials conveying and mixing control system for pharmaceutical plant
    2. 2. Lumber joint control system
    3. 3. Measuring and mixing control system for tire plant
    4. 4. Insulating material process control system
    5. 5. Name plate control system for chemical plant
    6. 6. Wheat cleaning and mill process control system for food stuff plant
    7. 7. Monitoring system for refuse disposal plant
  3. 3. Material Distribution and Transportation Systems
    1. 1. Automatic transportation system in metal plating line
    2. 2. Cast piece stock control system for steelmaking plant
    3. 3. Automatic transportation for multi-type, small-lot products
  4. 4. Dive Control Systems
    1. 1. Building material processing and assembly line control system
    2. 2. Material mixing and automatic warehouse control system
    3. 3. Linear motor transportation control system
    4. 4. Stage setting operation control system
  5. 5. Others
    1. 1. Automatic certificate issuing system
    2. 2. Electronic parts quality control system
    3. 3. Bus and train start indication system
    4. 4. Golf course guide system

Training School

Training SchoolAt Mansei's Sequencer Training School students learn primarily about the FX Series and A Series at their convenience with personal attention.
We offer educational materials and staff for students to effectively learn technology for a number of highly functional product lines.

Industrial Automation Machinery

Industrial Automation MachineryMansei responds to the industry, pursuing labor saving and high productivity, with its advanced leading technology.
Mansei offers thorough follow-up services from planning to introduction and operation of the FA system applying the machines and systems given below.
Industrial robots
Wire cutters, NC electric discharge machines and laser beam machines with world top-level performance
AC servos, inverters, sequencers, etc.
Mansei is determined to work positively on new technologies to keep blowing fresh air into the industrial world.

Industrial Components & Equipment

Industrial Components & EquipmentMansei has a wide line-up of industrial machines essential to the production field for automation and labor saving.
Mansei provides a series of machine products making effective use of advanced electronic technology. Our products include drive control units such as AC servos, inverters, controllers such as sequencers, power distribution units such as circuit breakers, transformers, and rotary machines such as motors, and industrial fans.
These products are grouped in a systematic way, and have the reputation for high performance and reliability.
Further, being strong in both the market and technology, Mansei makes the best use of its expertise to provide timely information to our users by playing a major role to product development based on user's needs.

Buildings, Public Institutions and Factories

Buildings, Public Institutions and FactoriesMansei provides various transport machines such as elevators and escalators, along with air conditioning and lighting facilities to create a comfortable atmosphere in all kinds of buildings, condominiums and public facilities.
Further, Mansei holds of a large number of records for its unique suggestions, designs and executions in accordance with the needs of constant-temperature, humidity and clean room facilities.

Equipment for Shops & Housing Related Products

Equipment for Shops & Housing Related ProductsFashionable store bring about changes in the relevant facilities and machines.
Mansei aims to create a comfortable space through realization of energy-saving, labor-saving, pollution-free and comfortable environment.
Mansei offers a variety of relevant facilities and machines lined up to fit precisely with the application listed below. Showcases to provide a distinctive atmosphere to the store Freezers and refrigerators to keep foods fresh Lighting facilities to give a vivid cheerful and clean impression of the store POS system to recognize quickly and correctly well-selling products Air conditioning facilities.

Mansei provides total support from consultation for store making to design, execution and after-care service utilizing its expertise to create a comfortable environment. Mansei takes pride in offering high-quality household products that are gentle to people, such as air conditioning facilities that go well with different life styles.

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