Business Guide

I Versatile Technology Contributing to Various Fields

Various product groups play an active role in industry, society and everyday life. These are the results of the diverse electronics technology provided by Mansei making use of its capability to collect information, plan in close compliance with market needs, and use its comprehensive technical strength. Mansei is proud of the application of its high-grade technology in various fields.

FA apparatus business

Mansei Corporation offers a broad lineup of various types of industrial equipment essential for automation, energy conservation, and labor reduction in production facilities. We offer the following products from the system consulting viewpoint: Power control equipment such as AC servos, inverters, etc.; control equipment such as sequencers, etc.; power distribution equipment such as breakers, transformers, etc.; and rotary equipment such as motors, industrial fans, etc. We help customers solve their problems with the latest technology, FA equipment, and various types of power distribution control devices to create safe, comfortable production facilities.

Industrial mechatronics / industrial plant business

Mansei Corporation handles next-generation-leading advanced technology. We offer not only industrial robots, but also wire cutting machinery, NC discharge processing machinery, laser processing machinery, and CNC equipment that boast top-level performance. In addition to the safety and IT conversion of production machinery and associated equipment, we include AC servos, inverters, sequencers, etc as energy-conservation and environmental measures against environmental problems in our FA systems from the planning stage through installation and operation through thorough follow-up service. In addition, we plan to actively include the latest technology to always bring innovation to the industrial field.

Facility business

The Facilities Business provides total support from design through installation to follow-up servicing of equipment for various living environments with the theme of ecology used in buildings,
commercial facilities, factories, etc. In addition, through the use of air-conditioning technology and lighting technology cultivated for clean rooms, we have created vegetable factories that enable the cultivation of vegetables with high nutritional value in a short time. We help create a safe, secure, rich, and comfortable life.

Semiconductor business

Innovations in semiconductor technology are truly remarkable, with advances in reduced size/weight, increased performance, reduced energy consumption, and even finer ultra microminiature processing resulting in larger capacities, higher speeds, and lower costs, becoming a true industrial treasure and contributing to a variety of fields. Mansei Corporation handles standard and custom semiconductors and device products from Japanese and overseas manufacturers to meet the needs of the market. In addition, we also promote system development, software development, EMS business (electronic product contract manufacturing service), etc. related to such products.

Multimedia and information technology business

Multimedia and information communication equipment essential to today's information society. Construction of information communication systems using high-speed lines for businesses and high-speed high-resolution displays forvisual communication. Plus information protection and security measures for such information. Mansei Corporation can propose the optimum products and system matching customer needs as a total package from introduction and startup of the system through equipment installation to development and introduction support to follow-up support to help construct a smooth network for sure and wide-region information distribution.

Examples of Development Performance

1.Microcomputer Software for:

PC internal battery control
VTR, Air Conditioner, Automatic Door Control
Radio controlled models
Station-use transceiver control
Office-use air-cleaning equipment control
Residential-use alarm, various control mechanisms
Electric rice cooker, pot, and microwave
Farm equipment (tractor etc.) control

2.Computer Software

Corporate-wide WAN, internal LAN, system construction
Various intranet systems
Corporate-wide email system construction
Equipment control system
Inventory control system
Processing control system
Sales control system
Production control system

Examples of Orders for Systems Received by Mansei

1.Measurement Surveillance Control Systems

  1. Comprehensive power and air-condition control system in semiconductor factory
  2. Track incoming control system in sewage treatment plant
  3. Power logger system in chemical plant
  4. Production control system in metal plating line
  5. Thickness measuring system for metal plates
  6. NC operation control and preventive maintenance systems

2.Production Line Control Systems

  1. Raw materials conveying and mixing control system for pharmaceutical plant
  2. Lumber joint control system
  3. Measuring and mixing control system for tire plant
  4. Insulating material process control system
  5. Name plate control system for chemical plant
  6. Wheat cleaning and mill process control system for food stuff plant
  7. Monitoring system for refuse disposal plant

3.Material Distribution and Transportation Systems

  1. Automatic transportation system in metal plating line
  2. Cast piece stock control system for steelmaking plant
  3. Automatic transportation for multi-type, small-lot products

4.Dive Control Systems

  1. Building material processing and assembly line control system
  2. Material mixing and automatic warehouse control system
  3. Linear motor transportation control system
  4. Stage setting operation control system


  1. Automatic certificate issuing system
  2. Electronic parts quality control system
  3. Bus and train start indication system
  4. Golf course guide system